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Jeremiah Andrews is an  artist, entertainer, and photographer.  Weddings are Jeremiah’s passion.  Jeremiah has been photographing for 9 years.  In the last 6 years, Jeremiah has been voted in the top 3 photographers in Idaho and Washington on a consistent basis.

Jeremiah believes the best day of your life should also be the most fun.  Couples who have the same vision for their wedding day have commissioned Jeremiah to photograph weddings all over the country.  Although he primarily photographs in the Pacific Northwest, he is usually up for a destination wedding somewhere other than home.

Jeremiah has adapted himself to all kinds of photography out there and adapts himself to every situation differently.  Whether its catching parents tearing up during the ceremony, the bride
and groom during a quiet, loving moment, or capturing the bridal party dancing and laughing, Jeremiah knows every moment is precious on the wedding day.

Jeremiah feels so blessed to be able to do what he
loves to do, helping people to have fun and capturing
the timeless memories that mean so much!!!

Pictures are forever. Invest in an Artist!!


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