Prepare For Take-Off

How do you retell an adventure? I am glad to share the experiences Jeremiah and I had on our trip through Thailand and Cambodia this past month … but how to start? Well, let’s lay out a map of Southeast Asia and I can better visualize the travels, ok?


After all, 20-someodd days of living life on the other side of the world is long enough to forget a little bit; and if you know me, it’s long enough to forget what happened yesterday.


I can tell you that the bright-eyed (if not a bit groggy) people who set out on this adventure were in no way anticipating the journey that would come to pass. But isn’t that the way life goes? … Plans have a way of changing mid-flight.

We intentionally, painfully, liberatingly planned to: travel light, travel cheap, and let the experience lead us.


In hindsight, we did alright on the ‘light’ and ‘cheap’ points, but we excelled at letting the experience lead and change us! I know we both can say implicitly that we have grown individually and as a couple by leaps and bounds. I have always mused that you really get to know your partner during projects and travel … that theory was tested during our month apart from the people and life to which we are accustomed. You cannot help but change.


As we settle into being home, hang out with family, spend time with friends, and jump head-long into the mounds of ‘adult to-do’s’ we end up often mentally slipping back to the days and weeks we spent in a land made of red dirt and lush greens. A layer of rubbish, plastic debris, and dust was prevalent in most of the places we visited, but the beauty and magic of the land is undeniable … and the spell has been cast. If you sit long enough with either Jeremiah or me you will likely be told a story from our trip. We can’t seem to help ourselves, please do be patient with us.


Over the next few weeks I will share some of the memories we have made and try to take you to the unforgettable sites we have seen. We hope to spark your interest in Thailand and Cambodia, and in international travel of all kinds! We will offer the feeble advice recently acquired from a ‘learned it the hard way’ perspective. And, finally, we will show you some marvelous images photographed by Jeremiah Andrews Photography (not to mention, a few snapped by little ole’ me).

trip-376I am excited to get underway in the next few days … stay tuned!

Bella the Champion

blogddSitting across from Bella, in her hot pink boots and matching flowered headband, you wouldn’t assume her to be the resilient and determined fighter she is.

On this beautiful, cloudless February day it seems as if we are a million miles away from the hospitals, labs, and uncertainty that has plagued this family for the past 10 months; but the truth is … uncertainty is now an ever-present, unwelcome addition to their lives.

Early May 2014 a spunky eight year old Bella fell while at play during school recess, and no one questioned the source of the pain she felt in her ankle. However, the pain from the fall did not subside, it grew worse. Bella began experiencing progressive pain from her ankle, up her leg, and into other extremities. Bella’s parents, as would be expected, turned to the little girl’s primary physician for further investigation and answers. Standard tests revealed nothing alarming, and the family was sent home with no resolution or explanation for the little girl’s symptoms.

As the weeks progressed and Bella’s healing did not, the family became increasingly uneasy. Several more visits to the primary healthcare provider proved frustrating and ineffective in aleviating Bella’s suffering. By the end of May Bella began experiencing motor skill loss in her hands and was unable to write.

Weary and dejected, Bella’s parents finally circumvented traditional medical protocol and took the ill child to the emergency room at Sacred Heart Hospital. Bella’s mother was not insistent or overbearing; she did not run through the litany of medical poking and prodding Bella had already undergone; and she didn’t even attempt to speculate as to the nature of the beast plaguing her child.

As her mother retells the story of that specific outing, I am struck by the sadness still evident in her voice and eyes. I catch myself mentally stepping into the shoes of the medical provider she met with that day. I imagine looking into her tired eyes and listening to her voice catch as she implores, “There is something wrong with my daughter. I don’t know what it is, and no one has been able to find it. Please, help us.”

The hospital’s staff heeded the intuition of the frightened mother and set about trying to help.

Bella’s mother shuttled her little girl between multiple specialists in a dizzying attempt to put the puzzle of her child’s failing health into perspective. During the process Bella stayed strong. She tolerated innumerable X-rays, blood test, and even two MRI’s.

In fact, an error in collecting the desired image during her second MRI proved serendipitous. The image peered into an upper area of Bella’s thigh which was not suspect at that time. As the family would come to find, the cancer was only visible in the image at a point that would not have been captured had the MRI been executed as ordered.

Relief, remembrance, and intensified concern wash over Bella’s mother’s face as she speaks to me of the fateful phone call that would forever alter her family. Over a month had passed since Bella’s initial fall. The pediatrist who read the MRI results was not a regular player in the cast of medical providers, so it came as some shock to Bella’s mother when the doctor called her to urgently discuss treatment. She was lunching with Bella at Olive Garden … She was not prepared to learn that her daughter had cancer while eating lunch at a cheery restaurant full of boisterous people.

I have to gather myself and deliberately close my shocked mouth. I cringe to think that such impactful news was not delivered in a more personal setting. Seeing the emotions of my reactions cycle across my face causes Bella’s mom to chuckle. She answers the questions running through my mind, “No. It wasn’t expected. And it didn’t really bring any answers.”

Immediately Bella began heightened testing to determine her specific type of cancer, and further still, how to beat it. Bella was diagnosed with leukemia. Initially, doctors could not identify the type of childhood leukemia she had, and precious time ticked away. Frustrating yet familiar; The family now had a name to put to Bella’s assailant, but without determining the type and subtype of the cancer they were not able to effectively battle on her behalf. Bella began aggressive acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) treatment in hopes of halting the disease’s progress. Meanwhile, testing never ceased.

Blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm leukemia. Only 33 documented cases in the world. I sit, numbly, rolling the minuscule number around in my head. Those aren’t the kind of stats one would be excited to learn. How could they build a team of ‘experts’ to champion Bella’s recovery with so little information to be had? Again, my musings are muted by the impromptu response of Bella’s mom. “Want to know something amazing? Bella’s body has cells that are ‘natural killers’ for the cancer. She has some ability to fight the cancer on her own. That isn’t the case most of the time!” I can’t help but warmly return her smile.

I see that hope never left this woman. It is the glimmer of hope that is more infectious than the cancer cells plaguing her daughter. It is hope that is needed most.

Bella’s medical team shares her family’s hope and determination. How could they not? This family bursts with attentive, present love and appreciation for each moment they have with one another. Even after more than 12 rounds of chemotherapy in eight short months their resolve is unbroken.

My mind wanders again, and my eyes travel around our intimate little circle of conversation to Bella’s beaming, young face. She softly stroke her mother’s arm as she rattles off overwhelmingly long procedure names … and proudly adds that she has undergone all three kinds of chemotherapy. When her mother’s looks turns even the slightest bit melancholy Bella is right at her side to offer comfort. She is not asking for pity, or remorse, or sadness. She just offers light and love. This is one magnificent little girl; Again, I am moved to the verge of tears.

My own heart swells with appreciation for life; my life, my children’s lives, and for the lives I have been touched with over the course of time which seemingly parallel the lives of this family today.  I am reminded that no one asks for the trials set before them … the best we can each hope for is that we handle our tribulations with a fraction of the grace and resolve Bella has shown.

I can’t help but wrap up our time together with the only question I can muster. “What do you want people to know about you?” Bella shoots her mom a quick glance that I cannot read and shyly smiles, “I love lipgloss and shopping. And, I really want to be a gymnast when I grow up.” A hearty laugh escapes each of us at the simplicity of her statement.

Somehow, Bella has transcended her physical circumstance and is not living as a slave to her disease’s shackles.

This bubbly (now) nine year old is not only celebrating over two months in remission, she is celebrating life! Bella visits Sacred Heart regularly, even though she is not currently a patient, and partners with children undergoing similarly frightening medical battles. She is quick to share her story when asked about the sweet doll, Cassidy, she hauls along with her everywhere. She and her mother regularly bring comfort items to the labs and hospital wards that have become like second homes to them in hopes of brightening other families’ hearts. Wherever a need exists, this family is trying to fill in the gaps, and many, many lives are better for it.

Bella tugs at her mother’s sleeve as a subtle indication that she would like to leave, and my glimpse into this remarkable life comes to a close. We exchange hugs and thanks, each of us sure we were the one to have gained the most from our shared time. Perhaps we are all richer for the joint experience.

Simultaneously, I am humbled and exhilarated. I have seen the face of an angel today … not an intimidating and awesome cherub of fire and brimstone, but a gentle and unassuming champion of hope and love. Bella is that champion.


If you would like to learn more about Bella’s battle, her type of cancer, or to offer your support to her family please follow this link:

Article Coming Soon: Bella the Champion


I had the opportunity to work with the most amazing little girl this week and I cannot wait to tell you all about her inspiring story.

Bella and her family are fighting a battle with a rare form of leukemia … but they are already champions!  Bella’s story will inspire you and make you reflect on what really matters in this life: hope, support, courage, and love.

Please check back next week for my post and more pictures of this precious little girl.

The ‘Look’ of Love

How do you know when you’ve found ‘true love’?


Soapbox philosophers and lovers throughout time have grappled with this question and, as far as I know, even the most sincere responses fall flat of truly embodying the electricity love creates.


Each of us has an ideal vision of love, and many of us struggle to lay hands on the elusive emotion, but it is never the words spoken on the subject that convince us love exists (and that it’s actually attainable).


As a veteran engagement, wedding and family photographer I’ve had the privilege of retelling many love stories; adoring, passionate, nurturing, and even playful … I have witnessed love manifested in innumerable hues and tones.


What have I learned from it all? Without a doubt, love does have a ‘look’. I recognize the twinkle when an engaged couple tells me the story of their first meeting, the reassurance in a mother’s gaze as she gently comforts her shy toddler, and the willing surrender as a husband embraces his new bride for the first time.


This look can never be forced or contrived, and is more precious than gold when captured.


I am fortunate to have the opportunity to share these glimpses into another person’s most personal and true heart; an honor I do not take for granted. I have held the feeling of that ‘look’ close when my own life seemed less magical … knowing all the while that each of us has the capacity to love so deeply.

I hope that in capturing this ‘look’ through my images I can offer the same hope and reassurance to viewers. True love is real. I’ve seen it in others, I’ve experienced it myself, and I want all of my images to celebrate it.

I love love.

Hiring the Right Wedding Photographer

Becoming a professional wedding photographer is the stuff dreams are made of! Just imagine … beautiful, well-dressed clients; breathtaking locations; phenomenal food; and glistening, sun-kissed days. The rose-colored glasses that tint everything ‘wedding’ to a newly engaged set of lovebirds is the same that lures would-be wedding photographers into the marketplace by the dozens … both have much to learn.


My best advice to both the fiancées and the photographer … consider the wedding photographer’s role in the wedding equal to the role of the guide in a trip through the Amazon. It really isn’t such a far-fetched comparison.


First, you need someone who knows the land and can communicate with the natives. An established wedding photographer will have likely worked with at least one, if not a majority, of your other wedding vendors. This existing rapport between the individuals providing services for the bride and groom is so important. One event in the ceremony blends effortlessly into the next when every professional behind the scenes can anticipate the others’ next move.


Similarly, a veteran photographer will take many factors into consideration when packing equipment and tools for the event. All of the mishaps, mistakes, and oversights common during the learning curve in the photography business are conveniently whittled into wisdom and boy scout-like preparedness.


Next, you want someone who is a visionary … and … can get things done. There are many opportunities during any given wedding for things to get sideways, and fast. Your photographer spends the most time with the wedding party throughout the event, and that photographer effectively becomes your tour guide for the day. You had better be sure to hire someone who has answers to the ‘who’s?’, ‘what’s?’, and ‘when’s?’ that you don’t anticipate. A photographer who has shot many weddings will nimbly escort you from the get-ready phase all the way to the reception at the end of the rainbow.

It takes an organized artist to hold the wedding schedule together and coordinate events so that the couple isn’t rushed unnecessarily and guests aren’t left waiting.


But what good is timeliness in a photographer without artistic flair … without vision? A comfortable photographer will draw out the personality of the couple and enhance it. The lighting, the sky, the small details that set off a spark of emotion, the energy of the individual and collective moments; An expert eye knows to expect magic and finds it everywhere.


Finally, you must have someone who will bring you to the end of your journey safely. Timely photography is about telling a candid story, in this case, your love story.

The ideal photographer will allow you to be at ease and enjoy the adventure your wedding day … all the while guiding you smoothly to the end.

The direction a couple receives from the photographer should be subtle enough to not feel forced, but bold enough for the couple’s true personality to shine. When you look back on your wedding you want the memories to be of the joy you experienced during the trip. If you have hired the right photographer you will remember them throughout the day, but will scarcely remember being photographed.


You could hire any number of guides to photograph the story of your precious wedding day, but choose wisely. Do not be lured away from the quality you desire by the promise of dramatic savings. Ansel Adams said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Ultimately, the photographs are the visual momentos of your day. Hire a business-minded artist. Hire a professional. Most importantly, hire a photographer you trust to capture and retell your wedding day story in your voice and with your flair.