Newsletter: July 3, 2015

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3 boysIn this issue:

  • Image of the Week: All boys family photos (Pend Orielle, Idaho)
  • Featured Local Business: Coeur d’Alene Auto Care (Coeur d Alene, Idaho)
  • World In Pics: Same-sex marriage legalization
  • Must Try Recipe: Toasted Quinoa, Charred Onion and Brussels Sprout Salad
  • Travel Dreamin’: Subway – Zion National Park, Utah

Newsletter: January 22, 2016

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Young couple under fruit tree in romantic summer wedding
Young couple under fruit tree in romantic summer wedding

In this issue:

  • Image of the Week:  Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Romantic Summer Wedding
  • Featured Local Business:  Selkirk Abbey Brewing – Post Falls, Idaho
  • Must-try Recipe:  Thai Green Curry Chicken Stir Fry
  • Travel Dreamin’:  Havana, Cuba
  • World in Pics:  Rock Legend Glenn Frey Dies



It’s the most wonderful time of the year … engagement season!

This week marked the turning of a page … winter has returned.


With Halloween costumes returned neatly to their year-long hibernation, and the first snowfall of November already under our belts, it is perfectly clear that the dog days of summer are behind us.  Ahead are lazy football Sundays, cozy fires, comfort food galore … and engagement season!  It is a truly wonderful time of year!


We are all about fuzzy slippers and snow days, but it’s the electric excitement we sense when meeting with lovebirds to discuss engagement and wedding photography needs that gets us so excited for winter.


WeddingWire (a Bethesda, MD company that provides technology for the wedding industry) asserts that 33 percent of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.  That’s a lot of newly engaged couples embarking on their quest to craft the perfect wedding day experience!


After the big question has been ‘popped’, couples turn around to realize they now have to pull off a logistical magic act … planning a wedding.  It may be that they are still starry-eyed from the proposal (or, possibly, from the tryptophan in Grandma’s holiday turkey) but most betrothed couples need help getting on the right track.


So, where does a newly engaged couple start planning?  Our experience indicates that the dress … venue … and photographer are the first three considerations/decisions made.


We couldn’t agree more!  This early stage is exactly the time to talk to your favorite photographer! (Shameless self-promotion implied.)


An engagement photography session perfectly encapsulates the love, excitement, and hope of an engaged couple, and the Pacific Northwest is a spectacular and pristine backdrop for this photographic celebration!  This photo session is also an ideal way for the couple to get to know their photographer’s style and personality.  The better you and your photographer understand each other, the more your images will reflect your true personality.

So, go ahead … get engaged this holiday season!  LOVE it up!


But when you do … remember to STOP … DROP … AND ROLL.  Then get up (because you look silly and you really aren’t on fire) and call Jeremiah Andrews Photography!

Love on,

Jeremiah & Shaunna

The dishes can wait … GO with your husband!

If you know us… or have ever read any of our blogs… you know that we travel together.  A lot.  I may even be so bold as to say that we ‘adventure’ together more than most couples.


I firmly believe that our shared love for travel, culture, music, theater, and other such adventures is one of the cornerstones of our strong bond.


This past weekend, during the reception of Zach & Kyla’s stunning Stinson Beach, California destination wedding, we heard this sentiment echoed in a simple toast.  Zach’s grandmother waited patiently until all other well-wishers had raised a glass in honor of the couple before standing to offer her simple (yet profound) advice.  She turned directly to the new bride as if the two were alone chatting over coffee and sweetly said, “Honey, when your husband has somewhere he needs to go and he wants you to join him… Go!  Leave the dishes in the sink, and the laundry can wait.  Your husband, however, shouldn’t.  If you don’t go with him, someone else may.”


Admittedly, this statement was met with a mixed bag of giggles and cheers.  After all, we don’t hear advice like this often enough these days.  Her statement wasn’t meant to be a threat; quite the opposite is true!


This (grand)motherly advice was a not-so-subtle reminder to nurture (far into the future) the commitment made during the couple’s wedding ceremony.  Most married couples can attest that the single-minded focus placed on our spouse prior to exchanging nuptials can diminish once real-life timelines, deadlines, and obligations become permanent, daily fixtures.  Under such circumstances even the strongest bonds can become frail.  Grandma’s advice?  Don’t let it happen!  Become, and remain, partners.  Each hugely supportive and an integral part of the other’s life experiences.


While I may not lose much sleep over undone laundry anyway… my take-away message from these sage words was the same.  Learn about each other, experience new things together, see the world together (even if you never get beyond your own backyard), grow individually and encourage your spouse’s growth, develop inside jokes, and never (ever) stop giving your all to the person you chose to spend your life with.


Take the time needed to actively love your significant other… to nurture the living, dynamic entity that is your relationship.  Remember that the time you have with this person is a precious gift; act accordingly.  Or, (as Grandma warns) someone else may.


The joys of being a destination wedding photographer far exceed the beauty of the ceremony location and celebratory experience of the reception.  We are exhilarated and honored when we are able to share these candid and loving moments.  They strengthen us as a couple and deepen our appreciation for love found, won, and kept true.

Until next time,

Jeremiah & Shaunna